LTS offers both live and recorded online training classes covering a wide array of sustainability and life cycle assessment topics, spanning the spectrum of beginner to expert levels.

See our listed courses below. Click on each course for more info.

The Introduction to LCA and SimaPro is our most requested course and is offered as a recorded training as well as live several times a year (via Zoom).

Advantages of Recorded Courses:

  • Courses are available 24-hours a day, for 30 days after payment.
  • Courses can be taken at your own pace, allowing you to pause and re-play sections.
  • There are interactive mini quizzes between sections and a quick 20-question multiple choice quiz to finish the course.
  • If you have additional questions not answered during the course, you can contact our trainers via the training platform.

Private group and custom trainings are available. See our Custom Training page.

Seeking a certificate? See our  Certificate Training Programs page to purchase discounted class bundles.

Introductory Courses

For future LCA Practitioners

For those wanting to learn more about LCA or modelling in SimaPro

Communicating LCA Courses

Advanced LCA Interpretation Courses

Advanced LCA Modeling Courses

Other Advanced Courses

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