Sustainability Training

With over a decade of experience training professionals and academia in sustainability assessment and management techniques, over twenty custom developed courses ranging from beginner to expert level and our own industry recognized Certificate Training Programs, LTS has established ourselves as a leader in sustainability training.

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The LTS LCA Certificate Training Programs are designed to guide students through purposefully crafted classes that teach the skill sets necessary to achieve a desired level of LCA proficiency. Whether looking to master the SimaPro software, successfully manage an LCA project from start to finish, or become a top level certified ACLCA practitioner; choose the training program specifically designed to take you there.

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LTS offers both online live and on-demand recorded training classes covering a wide array of sustainability and life cycle assessment topics spanning the spectrum of beginner to expert levels.

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We offer personalized training options for those needing a more individualized experience. This cost effective service is an opportunity for you to address areas where you need additional guidance.
For example, you may wish to have supplemental training on challenging aspects of courses you’ve taken, or to have more hands-on experience designing models and projects.

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